Student Visa In Kuwait: The Ultimate Guide

Kuwait isn’t just about its oil-rich landscapes and luxurious living; it’s also an emerging academic hub.

Before diving into its educational reservoir, there’s the student visa to decode.

Stay with us as we chart a course through Kuwait’s academic visa maze.


What Is A Student Visa In Kuwait

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Any foreign national can apply for higher studies in Kuwait. A student has to have a student visa to enter Kuwait for educational purposes. A student must apply to any educational institution or university in Kuwait before starting the visa process

After getting admission to any university or college in Kuwait, the student can apply for a student visa. This is done by filling out the visa application form, conforming to all the requirements, and providing all the needed documents for a student visa.

The students need to have an acceptance letter from a recognized university or educational institution in Kuwait to apply for a visa.

Incomplete or incorrect documents or any illegal or misleading information might lead to visa rejection for students.

How To Apply For A Student Visa In Kuwait

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The process to apply for a Kuwaiti university starts with applying for the university. This determines the student’s potential and his purpose of getting higher education, especially in Kuwait.

Due to high merit and competition, students must come up with unique and intellectual reasons for applying to a foreign university.

The student must provide all their educational background containing information regarding their primary and secondary education, and other degrees or diplomas they have gotten so far.

Other required certificates or employment letters, if any, to prove himself as qualified for the position. 

After getting admission the student must consult and co-ordinate with the university’s admission officer. The university assists international students with all their concerns regarding courses. Credit hours, fee deposits, residency etc.

Once the admission is done and the acceptance letter is received by the student, he/she can start the visa application process.

This is done by getting the application form from the Kuwaiti embassy or consulate and attaching copies of all the required documents along with the form.

Documents Required For Admission Purposes:

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For getting admission to a Kuwaiti university, certain documents are required. The list of these required documents is as follows:

  • A Declaration Of Permission: this is only required by the students who are under 18.
  • Proof Of Fee Deposit: the student must attach copies of admission fee drafts etc.
  • Educational Certificates: to prove his qualification the student must attach copies of his/her previous degrees/certificates.
  • TOEFL Or IELTS Score: The student must take any of the two tests. The student must mention the scores he obtained in any of the tests he gave.
  • Admission Application: The admission application form, contains correct and accurate information.
  • Passport: Copy of valid passport
  • Photographs: 3 or more pictures are needed as required by the certain university.
  • Other Certificates Or Diplomas: apart from primary, and secondary educational degrees if the student has done any other diploma, etc., he must mention that too.
  • Birth Certificate: a birth certificate is also required
  • National Identity Card: A copy of national ID is also needed
  • Insurance policy: (if any).
  • Letter Of Motivation: this letter is required to prove that the student is motivated enough to opt for higher education.
  • Letter Of Recommendation: recommendation letters from his previous professors is required to prove him a reliable and qualified student.
  • Letter Of Professional Experience: (if any)

Some universities in Kuwait also hold aptitude tests or entry tests along with all the above-mentioned documents. The student must be aware of all that before applying to the university.

In addition to this, some other documents might also be required, that university will inform the student about. 

Student Visa Requirements In Kuwait

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For student visa application certain documents are required. Some of these documents are as follows:

  • Passport: A valid passport with a validity of at least 2 years is required.
  • Photographs: Passport-sized pictures with white or blue background is needed.
  • Acceptance Letter: The acceptance letter from the educational institution or university is required.
  • Financial Proof: Proof of financial stability is required such as bank statements etc. Financial proof that the student/ applicant will be able to support his/her stay in the country.
  • Visa Application Form: A complete visa application form with correct and accurate information is required.
  • Medical Certificate: A medical certificate is required to prove the applicant’s health.
  • Police Certificate: A police certificate is required that proves his no inclusion in any criminal record and a good citizen of his/her country.
  • Proof Of His/Her Enrollment In University: the student must provide details of his admission and fee deposit proofs.
  • Motivation Letter: the student must tell the motivation behind his motivation for attaining higher education in Kuwait.
  • Cover Letter From The University: the university must provide this letter to the student, explaining his admission details.
  • Proof Of Accommodation: the student must provide proof that he has the means to find accommodation. He/she must provide the details about his address where he intends to stay in Kuwait. 

Fee For Student Visa In Kuwait

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The student visa fee for Kuwait depends on the nationality of the applicant. It varies for different nationalities. Usually, the fee for a student visa is around 175$. The fee can be paid through cash or through bank transfer.

Money Required For Extra Expenses To Stay In Kuwait

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Besides the visa fee, a student will need enough money to support/stabilize his stay in Kuwait till the time he completes his degree.

This includes accommodation, transportation/conveyance, food, internet, and other miscellaneous expenses. The amount is mentioned below in the table which might help the applicant to have a rough idea of the expenses in Kuwait.

Accommodation$170-$500 per month 
Food$160-$300 per month
Transportation/conveyance$1-$3 per ride
Internet charges$20

Fee deposit requirements for universities differ for different universities in Kuwait. The student either pays the tuition deposit at the time of admission or pays the entire fee in one go before the acceptance letter is received. 

The enrollment/admission fee usually ranges from $300-$990. The fee is charged according to the credit hours he gives to the university. The credit hours are normally charged between $660 to $910.

Mostly scholarships are provided to qualified international students to help them with their studies. Some universities also grant financial aid to their students and help them with accommodation in university hostels.

Processing Time For Student Visa

After the visa application form is submitted and the visa fee is given, the visa processing time starts. The visa processing time differs for different countries depending on certain factors.

The visa processing time is usually between 1 week to 6 months depending on the nationality of the applicant/student. 

Residence Permit For Kuwait

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After getting visa approval/grant the applicant is allowed to enter Kuwait. After entering Kuwait, the student/applicant must apply for certain other required paperwork to obtain a residence permit in Kuwait to support his/her long stay in Kuwait till the completion of studies.

This may require some medical examinations and other documentation such as passport, pictures, visa type, etc. The visit visa or tourist visa alone cannot provide a long stay in Kuwait so, a student may probably apply for a residence permit after reaching Kuwait to help them extend their stay in Kuwait.

Stay In Kuwait On A Student Visa

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Visa for Kuwait varies for different nationalities because of the different laws and policies both countries hold. The student visa usually provides a stay for up to 12 months in Kuwait.

The student visa provides a multi-entry visa, with a validity of 1 year. The student can leave and renter multiple times under this visa type. The visa can be renewed after a year both in the Kuwait immigration center or in the home country’s immigration center.


Armed with insights on Kuwait’s student visa, the doors to knowledge in this Arabian gem are now open.

From its vast deserts to its bustling campuses, Kuwait is ready to enrich your academic journey.

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