Tax Number In Turkey: An Expats Guide

Tax Number In Turkey

Embarking on financial endeavors in Turkey? A tax number is your indispensable companion. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a property investor, or simply a resident handling fiscal affairs, securing a Turkish tax number is a fundamental step. Worry not! We’ve got you covered for this!

Our guide offers a clear path through the process, from application to utilization, ensuring you’re financially equipped to thrive in Turkey’s dynamic economy.

Let’s dive in!


What Is A Tax Number In Turkey?

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A tax number is a ten-digit number that serves as an ID number for registrations and financial transactions such as opening a bank account, tax payments, buying property, etc. 

Turkish citizens’ ID numbers are also their tax numbers. They don’t need to obtain a tax number for individual transactions.

Foreigners need to obtain a tax number by going to a tax office. Tax offices can be found in all districts in Turkey. 

Tax offices ask for your passport and a copy when you want to obtain a tax number. So, getting a tax number is very easy, and it is not a time-consuming task.

Tax numbers are given for free, and it usually takes less than fifteen minutes, depending on the work volume at the tax office. 

Also, when you get a tax number in Turkey, it can be monitored in related financial institutions like banks.

As a foreigner, you will be asked for a tax ID number for many transactions, such as opening a bank account, purchasing property, utility subscriptions, receiving healthcare services, notarial issues, etc. 

After getting your tax number, you can carry out all these and other similar transactions.

Who Needs A Turkish Tax ID?

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Turkey requires a tax number for every registration and financial transaction. The ID number of all Turkish citizens serves as their tax ID numbers by default. 

However, any foreign national willing to conduct any financial transaction in Turkey must get a tax number. 

Foreign nationals in Turkey need Tax ID for the following transactions:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Purchasing Property
  • Receiving medical care
  • Signing up for utility services such as gas, electricity and water
  • Issuing insurance
  • Completing notarial tasks
  • Applying for residence permits

These individuals get a ten-digit number known as a tax identification number to fulfill their wanted transactions.

How To Get A Tax Number In Turkey Online?

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The good news is that it is also possible to make this process online

So, here are the following instructions to understand how to get a tax number in Turkey online:

  1. First, you must visit the Interactive Tax Office’s Official website. 
  2. At the bottom of the page, select the Application for Non-citizen Tax Number Button. 
  3. Fill out the form entirely. 
  4. Then, after you submit the form, the system will provide you with a tax ID Number.

Your tax ID number will be provided as an official letter in PDF format; therefore, please ensure cookies and pop-ups are enabled on your computer. 

You cannot receive the document if you do not enable them. Your tax identification Number appears on the document.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Tax Number In Turkey?

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Obtaining a tax ID number in Turkey will take a few minutes in each way stated above if the required documents are already prepared. 

Suppose you are a foreign legal entity and need to obtain a corporate tax number. In that case, we need a Certificate of Good Standing and Trade Registry Certificate from the company based in a foreign country.

In addition, a power of Attorney authorizes our lawyers to obtain a tax ID number in Turkey on your behalf. 

These documents shall also be translated by a certified translator in Turkey and notarized by a Notary Public in Turkey before being presented to the Tax Office. 

What Is The Turkish Tax Number For Non-citizens?

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As per Turkish Law, natural persons and legal entities willing to undertake business activities in Turkey shall obtain a tax ID number in Turkey. 

Tax ID numbers and TR identity numbers of the Turkish citizens are matched. In other words, the identification numbers of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey are also considered their tax ID numbers.

On the other hand, as per the General Communique on the Tax Identification Number, these persons shall obtain a tax ID number in Turkey by applying to the Tax Office for a wide range of legal transactions.

This is because the Turkish Republic ID number is not provided to foreign nationals who are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey, 

Apply For A Turkish Tax Number

One of the frequently asked questions regarding obtaining a tax number in Turkey is whether such an application is free of charge or not. 

You don’t need to pay an administrative fee when you make an online or physical application to obtain a tax number in Turkey

Foreigners can apply to obtain a tax identity number in Turkey without making any payment to the Tax Office or Turkish Revenue Administration. 

Why Do You Need A Tax ID Number?

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Obtaining a tax ID number in Turkey shall be the first step when you decide to come to Turkey, invest in Turkey, or settle in Turkey. 

Foreigners need to obtain a Turkish tax ID number to open a bank account in Turkey.

They need to obtain a residency permit to settle and live in Turkey, obtain a driving license, obtain health insurance, buy a car, and get a mobile phone line from an operator to a company establishment in Turkey.

To initiate and finalize your other legal transactions in Turkey and perform various formalities in Turkey.

What Are The Benefits Of A Tax Number In Turkey?

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There are many benefits of obtaining a tax number in Turkey when you come to Turkey to buy a property, apply for citizenship, or set up your own business. 

You can use your potential tax number to:

✅Get a health insurance.

✅Give Power of Attorney to your lawyer or third parties through notaries in Turkey.

✅Establish a company in Turkey and set up your own business in Turkey.

✅Get a driver’s license.

✅Buy a car

✅Obtain Turkish citizenship through investment. 

✅Obtain a residence permit to stay and live in Turkey. 

Invest by buying a property in Turkey.

✅Open a bank account in Turkey.

The benefits of obtaining a tax ID number in Turkey are not limited to these legal transactions. 

While in Turkey, you will likely enter into many legal transactions requiring you to present your tax ID number. 

Since the tax number is given to you for an indefinite period and for free, we recommend you do this one-time transaction as the first thing to do in Turkey, which will also make you look credible before administrative entities. 

Do Foreign Freelancers Pay Taxes In Turkey?

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Well, some do, and some don’t: it depends on whether the foreigner is a tax resident in Turkey. 

To be considered a Turkish taxpayer, an immigrant must reside in the country for more than 183 days per year, regardless of citizenship. 

However, there are some exceptions to this rule: foreigners who come to Turkey for recreation or travel do not become taxpayers, regardless of the length of stay (Article 5 of the Income Tax Law in Turkey). 

It turns out that a foreign freelancer who lives in Turkey with a tourist residence permit incurs no obligation to pay taxes to the Turkish treasury, especially on foreign income. 

It means that you can freely transfer your savings to Turkish banks. If the client is not a tax resident, there will be no questions about the origin of foreign money.


As we reach the end of our guide on obtaining and using a tax number in Turkey, remember that this isn’t just a series of digits; it’s a key to unlocking your financial potential in this cross-continental hub.

With your tax number in hand, you’re set to navigate the Turkish financial landscape with confidence and compliance.

Tax Ready!

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