Tax Consulting In Vietnam: An Expats Guide

Venturing into the intricate world of tax consulting in Vietnam can often feel like navigating a labyrinth without a map, isn’t it? But fear not!

Our comprehensive guide is here to illuminate the path, offering expats vital insights and expert tips to tackle the complexities of Vietnamese tax regulations.

Whether you’re a seasoned business pro or new to the expat life, get ready to demystify the world of taxes in Vietnam with ease and confidence.

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Ernst & Young Vietnam Company Limited

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Ernst & Young Vietnam is a member of EY and was founded in 1992 as the country’s first accounting and consultancy firm with 100% foreign investment.

Data and technology enable different EY teams in over 150 locations to help customers grow, develop, and operate while delivering assurance and building trust.

Ernst & Young Vietnam Limited Company is a market leader in the following areas: 

Tax consulting services, including corporate tax consultancy, personal income tax, corporate income tax, value-added tax, international tax consultancy, and so on.  

Accounting services, including corporate auditing and business management consulting.

Ernst & Young has a team of professional experts with experience in tax consulting, auditing, and accounting, which helps to ensure that the services supplied by Ernst & Young are of the same caliber as those given by other members of the global network.

They always keep customer information secret, so customers can feel confident while working with Ernst & Young. 

Their organization gains the trust of partners from the Japanese market in addition to domestic companies and significant corporations.

Ernst & Young’s vision is to “Become a leading company in the fields of tax, accounting, and auditing in Vietnam and internationally”.

Tax Consulting Services

  • Business tax consulting
  • Consulting corporate income tax
  • Consulting personal income tax
  • Consulting special income tax
  • Corporate tax
  • International tax consultancy
  • Personal income tax
  • Tax consultant service
  • Value Added Tax Consulting

Auditing & Accounting Services

  • Accountant services for business
  • Auditing services
  • Business audit services
  • Corporate accountant
  • Financial services auditing
  • Financial statement audit
  • Internal auditing

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Vietnam Tax Consulting And Training Corporation (VTAX)

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VTAX (Vietnam Tax Consulting And Training Corporation) was founded in 2012. As a renowned expert on tax accounting and legal solutions, we quickly developed to be trusted by many small and medium-sized businesses.

VTAX has made quality of service and customer care a top focus, assuring client happiness.

VTAX has grown into one of Vietnam’s largest and most prominent tax authorities for tax accounting and legal services for enterprises since 2012

The following services are available here:

  • Tax accounting services
  • Tax agents’ tax advice
  • Business establishment advice
  • Package trading license
  • Foreign investment license
  • Food safety and hygiene license
  • Intellectual property service
  • Work permit
  • Temporary residence card
  • APEC card (ABTC)
  • Electronic invoice
  • Digital signature
  • Electronic tax payment
  • Payroll
  • Insurance
  • Office leasing, and so on

VTAX is the ideal business and accounting specialist to help you find the best tax, labor, and legal business assistance solutions in Vietnam. 

They will carefully listen to you and collaborate with you to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to your tax and business difficulties.

Tax Consulting Services

  • Accounting service package
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Annual Report
  • Monthly Tax Accounting
  • Personal income tax
  • Quarterly Tax Accounting
  • Tax agency
  • Tax on Contractor Services
  • Transfer Pricing
  • VAT Refund Service

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VINA BOOKKEEPING CO. LTD (“VBK”) is a top-tier, consulting, accounting, and advising organization in Vietnam.

They specialize in assisting foreign-owned and FDI businesses in Vietnam. Their clientele came from over 22 countries, including multinational corporations and publicly traded companies.

With VBK’s One-Stop Services, you can get all of your Vietnam Corporate Services in one place: 

  • Market Entry Advisory
  • Investment licensing/company incorporation
  • Representative office registration as well as company secretarial, accounting, tax, HR & and payroll, and other advisory services.

Service quality has met worldwide standards, and the company is committed to satisfying all consumers. They provide and commit:

Save as much time and money as possible: Administrative duties such as data entry, calculating figures, checking reports, and accounting management costs can be significantly reduced.

Timely and precise: They are devoted to producing accurate and timely reports in accordance with the deadline by all staff, based on our experience and spirit of attentive service to customers.

Observance of legal requirements: They regularly update the most recent legal regulations and always provide professional guidance so that you can be confident that you are administering and complying with the most recent regulations.

Reduce the danger: They constantly offer professional advice and ideas that can be implemented in your practice to decrease risks and save money.

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Vinasc Accounting and Tax Consulting Co., Ltd specializes in delivering company consulting services such as auditing, accounting, tax consulting, human resource services, and gender consulting.

Business orientation to offices and factories. Vinasc is a member of the Vietnam Association of Accountants (VICA) and the Vietnam Tax Agents Association (VTCA), and he has a certificate of eligibility to practice delivering services.

For many years, this company has been known for its business consulting and advising services. The ultimate goal is to systematically synchronize the solutions to assist the customers in complying with the rules and operating effectively.

Why Pick Vinasc Accounting And Tax Consulting Co. Ltd?

  • Vinasc is a consulting unit that has been awarded a certificate of eligibility for service provision practice by a state body. 
  • They assist customers in grasping, understanding, and adhering to the provisions of the Enterprise Law in order to reduce legal risks.
  • Customer information security commitment and guarantee
  • Always provide independent professional advice and service to customers.
  • Vinasc has a team of experienced and well-trained individuals with high knowledge. We have experience consulting and resolving customer difficulties. 
  • They constantly and rapidly update legal policies relating to tax and accounting.
  • Professionalism – Great responsibility when there are requirements, we work on behalf of enterprises with tax authorities.
  • Customers who use our services save time, money, and human resources.

Tax Consulting Services

According to Article 17 of the Law on Tax Administration No. 38/2019, taxpayers must: declare tax accurately, honestly, and sufficiently, and submit tax dossiers on time; and accept legal responsibility for the correctness, honesty, and adequacy of tax dossiers.

  • Adhere to accounting, statistics, and management laws, as well as the usage of invoices and records required by law Accurately and completely document taxable activities and transactions.
  • When selling items and/or delivering services, issue and deliver invoices and records to customers with the correct quantity, type, and real payment amount as required by law.

During business operations, an enterprise may undertake multiple tax tasks with different regulations and tax disclosure periods at the same time. 

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Taxation is both a mandatory input to governmental revenue and a tool for economic control. As a result, businesses are required to undertake tax accounting. 

Tax accounting is the process of carrying out responsibilities related to tax declaration and payment.

Vietan Law Firm is confidential to provide enterprises with effective legal consulting services for tax and to minimize the risks arising from procedures of tax declaration and payment in Vietnam based on professional practice. 

The competence of law application, and regular updating of legal documents in general and legal documents of tax in particular.

  • Vietnam consulting projects with tax incentives
  • Tax benefits for investing in Vietnam are being researched
  • Income Tax on Corporations
  • Personal Income Tax 
  • Withholding Tax 
  • Special Consumption
  • Environmental Protection Tax
  • Royalties
  • Agreements to Avoid Double Taxation
  • Exemptions, reductions, and incentives from taxes
  • Other Income Taxes, Stamp Duty, and so forth.
  • Taxation and investment combined
  • Tax Administration and Compliance
  • Guidance and implementation of tax declarations for:
    1. Enterprise establishments, 
    2. Submission of license fee declarations 
    3. Payment of license tax
    4. Registration of information exchange with tax authorities
    5. Registration for a bank account, registration for electronic tax payment
    6. Invoice issue notice, and so on

Work directly with the tax authorities on the company’s behalf. Furthermore, tax accounting makes businesses simpler and more transparent.

To provide the basis for taxation, businesses must record their transactions, generate reports, collect invoices, and so on. Tax accounting also aids businesses in making business decisions.

Accounting departments are always present in large corporations to handle tax accounting. 

However, more than 97% of businesses in Vietnam are now small and medium-sized, making tax accounting performance challenging due to a lack of experience and legal understanding.

Vietan Law Firm provides tax accounting services during the establishment and management of firms with numerous packages at reasonable costs to help enterprises save time and money in the absence of an accounting department.

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Asia Oceania Tax Consultants Association (AOTCA)

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AOTCA was established in 1992 by ten tax professional organizations from Asia and Oceania. It now includes 19 leading organizations from 13 countries/regions.

The Vietnam Tax Consultants’ Association is a professional organization founded on the principles of voluntarism and equality for organizations and individuals from all economic sectors in Vietnam. 

It provides tax filing, tax consulting, and tax-related services on a national scale.

The Association’s goals are to represent the rights and interests of natural persons and legal organizations from all economic sectors. 

Gather and encourage members to advance their careers by increasing their knowledge, expertise, managerial ability, and service quality; protect professional ethics; and contribute to increasing public awareness of tax compliance in Vietnam.

Their members are organizations made up of tax consultants, lawyers, and professionals who are well-established in the Asian and Pacific region and have a good reputation as recognized by general consensus or domestic law in their respective nations or regions.

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As our journey through the twists and turns of tax consulting in Vietnam comes to a close, remember that staying informed is key to mastering this challenging aspect of expat life.

Armed with the knowledge and strategies shared in this guide, you’re now better equipped to navigate the tax landscape with assurance.

Tax Tranquility!

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