Student Visa In Turkey: The Ultimate Guide

Student Visa In Turkey

Ready to immerse yourself in Turkey’s rich academic tapestry? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

Before you study deep into textbooks and Turkish teas, there’s the student visa to sort. Let our guide illuminate the path, ensuring your student journey in Turkey starts on the right foot.

Let’s dive in!


What Is A Student Visa In Turkey?

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A Turkey Student Visa is a permit to enter Turkey for purposes related to education. It enables the foreigner to settle in Turkey temporarily by applying for a residence permit. 

It is granted to persons who want to do an internship in Turkey, attend a course, or enroll at an educational institution, a school, or a university.

Do I Need A Turkey Study Visa?

Aside from students from the Northern Republic of Cyprus, all other world citizens must get a visa to travel to Turkey for study purposes.

Exempt from the Turkish Study Visa requirement are the following:

  • International students who want to complete a bachelor‘s or master’s degree in Turkey and previously completed their secondary and higher education in Turkey.
  • Students whose parents are in Turkey with a work visa and residence permit.
  • Blue Card Holders.

How To Apply For A Turkey Student Visa?

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Applying for a Turkey Student visa means completing a number of procedures, including collecting several documents and attending a visa interview. 

When To Apply

You are highly recommended to lodge your application for a Turkish student visa on time in order to avoid any problems. The time frame for Turkey student visa submission is as follows:

  • The earliest you can apply is 60 days before your departure to Turkey.
  • The latest you can apply is one month before your trip.

Where To Apply

You will need to submit your application for a Turkish study visa at the Turkish Embassy, consulate, or a third-party visa application center located in your country of residence. 

Note that the Turkish Embassy is the sole authority responsible and eligible to process your application and give a decision on your case.

Select The Right Student Visa For Turkey

When you apply for an Education visa for Turkey, the online form will allow you to select one of the following accordingly:

  • Internship visa
  • Internship ERASMUS
  • Internship AIESEC
  • Turkish Language Course Purpose
  • Course Purpose
  • Education Purpose
  • Education in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Get Your Letter Of Acceptance Or Its Equivalent

Whether you are applying to study at a university in Turkey, attend a course, or do an internship, you should present proof. Every person applying for a Turkish study Visa will require a letter of acceptance or its equivalent.

Ensure you have this letter in your hands before proceeding with the rest of the application procedures.

Required Documents To Apply For A Turkey Student Visa

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The required documents to apply for a Turkey Student Visa are as follows:

  • Completed Turkish student visa application form.
  • Your valid passport.
  • Biometric photographs in compliance with the Turkey visa photo requirements. 
  • Proof of booked flight tickets.
  • Travel insurance for your entire stay in Turkey.
  • Letter of acceptance indicating that an educational institution in Turkey has accepted you. The letter must indicate the duration of your stay.
  • Proof of paid fees for the educational program you are about to attend, if applicable.
  • Previous diplomas, certificates, and transcripts.
  • Proof of financial resources. The Turkish authorities want you to show that you have enough money to live in Turkey during your studies and pay the study fees. You will need to present some documents as evidence. 

This could be:

  1. Your bank statements prove you have the required amount.
  2. Letter of Scholarship, if applicable.
  3. Letter of sponsorship if your parents or another person will be sponsoring your stay and education in Turkey.
  • Proof of accommodation. Depending on where you will be staying while in Turkey, you will need to present a document as proof of accommodation.
  1. If you will stay at a dormitory, present a document that proves you have a reserved place.
  2. If you have been invited to stay with friends or relatives in Turkey, you need to present a letter of invitation from the host.
  3. If you have rented a place, present a rent agreement signed by you and the landlord.

Turkey Student Visa Fees

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According to the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Interior Presidency of Migration Management, the fees for single and double-entry visas are below.

Note the ministry could vary the visa fee prices according to the applicant’s nationality.

  • Single entry visa fee – 2,304,20 TL
  • Multiple Entry visa fee – 7,718,70 TL

Turkish Student Visa Appointment

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On the day of your interview, you should show up at the Turkish Embassy or consulate in your country of residence. You will attend a short interview with a consular officer, who will ask you a few questions regarding your trip.

Make sure you have all the required documents with you. If you miss even one, you may be rejected immediately, and you will need to start the whole process from the beginning. 

Remember that the interview is also crucial to determining whether you will get the visa. Make a good impression!

Turkey Student Visa Application Processing

The processing of a Turkey visa application depends on the country from where you are applying. While you can get an answer in some countries within three days, in others, the average may be about 15 working days.

You can track the status of your application at the same website from where you started your application.

Turkey Student Residence Permit Requirements

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In order to stay in Turkey beyond the 90 days allowed by your student visa, you must apply for a residence permit at the Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration.

You’ll need to supply the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Passport, including photocopies and your student visa
  • Proof of your university place
  • Four passport-size photographs

Your residence permit will be valid for one year, but you can renew your permit 60 days before it expires by visiting the local authorities and completing a renewal application form.

What To Do If Your Visa Is Rejected

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If your application is rejected due to an incomplete application, you should apply for another visa after rectifying any errors. 

You can apply for a new visa 24 hours after receiving your rejection, and If all the information is correct, you could receive your visa in the next three days after application.

If you think your application was unfairly rejected, you should contact your country’s Turkish Embassy or Consulate. 

It may take weeks or even months to book an appointment with them, so it’s worth applying for a visa before making travel plans.

When you visit the Embassy or consulate, take any documentation you need to prove your application should be accepted. 

If you cannot get to the consulate in person, write to them outlining exactly why you think your rejection was unfair and include any supporting evidence.

Benefits Of Student Visa To Turkey And Education In This Country

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Turkey is the second country in the world regarding access to higher education, with 94.2% of education. Turkey runs the European higher education system excellently, so the degree you get from Turkish universities is recognized in all European countries!

Other benefits of continuing education in the universities of this country and a student visa in Turkey include:

✅ The Possibility of studying in universities with a high level of quality, welfare, and education

✅ The Possibility of education with minimum education and living expenses

✅ Creating conditions for obtaining scholarships from the best universities in Europe

Permission to travel and work in European countries

✅ Possibility of obtaining residence for spouse and children under 18 years old

✅ The Possibility of obtaining a visa for European and American countries by obtaining permanent residence or Turkish citizenship

✅ The Possibility of obtaining a Turkish red passport and enjoying all the rights of Turkish citizens

The Best Time To Applying Student Visa For Turkey

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To receive your study visa in the shortest possible time and without the least hassle, we recommend that you send your application to the Turkish consulate according to the legal procedure and the standard time frame that we explain below:

Be careful that the Turkish Embassy is the only qualified legal authority responsible for handling student visa applications and deciding whether to approve or disapprove applications.

You must complete an online form in the prerequisite system to apply for a student visa to Turkey. 

After submitting this form, an appointment date will be set for you to visit the Turkish Embassy or Consulate on the scheduled date for your visa interview.

You can also go to the General Directorate of Immigration Management of the province where the university is located with the required documents on the specified day and time or proceed to prepare the records from the international student office of your university. 

Due to the ease of work, we recommend the second method.

Is A University Acceptance Letter Necessary For A Student Visa?

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One of the most important student visa requirements for Turkey and documents you must submit when applying for a visa is the acceptance letter from the university or institution where you have been accepted. 

It doesn’t matter if you are applying to continue studying in Turkish universities, doing an internship, or taking a particular course in a private institution; You must have a document to prove your enrollment in that higher education center.

The acceptance letter is the same document. You can send the original letter or its equivalent at the time of application, as it will not matter. 

Submission of this letter is mandatory for every person applying for a student visa to Turkey.

Therefore, before doing the rest of the visa application process, it is better first to find the university you are interested in, check the scholarship of that university, and its conditions for accepting international students.

After being admitted to the university, apply for a student residence.

Student Life In Turkey

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In recent years, Turkey has experienced a surge in international students studying in its Tertiary institutions. This is an excellent testimony to the outstanding student life in the country. 

Turkey has a holistic economic, social, sporting, and entertainment environment that is not only safe but affordable for students to live comfortably and flourish in their studies.

Student life in Turkey is interesting because it not only consists of studying but also of fun, making friends, and some exciting and valuable programs for students. Also, there are always some conferences and seminars for students across the universities.

Apart from university life, you will have the chance to explore this beautiful country. Most outdoors-based activities make the country a nature lover’s dream destination. The latter statement saves the pulling factor for most students here!

Universities have Student Unions and Councils, which are self-governed, representative bodies that aim to protect students’ rights, discuss issues, and present the issues to their superiors. 

The Student Council’s aim is to involve students in scientific and research works, directing them to science and promoting the future scientific potential of the Universities. 

These councils address student issues that affect their everyday lives and pave the way for development across a number of spheres during their study course.

Turkey has several tourist sites and destinations to which students can gladly visit and have fun. 

Students often can easily secure part-time jobs all year in hotels, casinos, bars, markets, or arms and hence are able to supplement their funds and help meet their day-to-day needs.

Students also enjoy a diversity of extracurricular activities to keep their minds off school and socialize, meet, and make new friends that include sporting facilities and clubs found both on campus and in the community centers. 

Among the everyday activities include gymnasiums, basketball, tennis, swimming, soccer, art and culture club, and dance club.

Most urban cities have several amenities and services catered for university students with affordable restaurants and eat-out spots or those looking for a quick bite, game center bowling, PlayStation, skiing, etc., and cinema halls constantly update blockbusters and in 3D.


The accommodation needs of students in Turkey are met by the universities’ dormitory or state dormitories. 

State dormitories are one of the most preferred accommodation options. YURT-KUR (Higher Education Credits and Dormitories Institution) is the leading choice of those accommodation options.

Preferably, luxurious dormitories or dormitories with many activity areas (swimming pool, gym, etc.) are also among all these options.

Besides all those options mentioned above, luxurious residences or small flats in apartments could be preferred by students by sharing or personally used. Renting a house in Turkey could be done via the Internet or organized by real estate companies.

As an advice for international students, dormitories are suggested since dormitories could be more beneficial for practicing practice in Turkish language.

Social And Cultural Life

Turkey is hosting many activities in terms of social and cultural life. 

Especially those mega cities of Turkey such as İstanbul, Ankara, and İzmir. Turkey has all types of opportunities for activities, and many cities are hosting different events and activities in Turkey.

International and national movie, music, art, and fashion festivals are organizations and events that are curiously followed and create a tremendous impression all around the world.

Turkey, which is visited by tourists every year with its natural beauty, is very suitable for both water sports and winter sports since all four seasons can be played.

The ability to participate in those cultural and artistic activities in Turkey shall provide many interesting experiences for many students and also provide international students with being adopted to Turkey in a short time.


Most highways are preferred for transportation in Turkey. Metro, light railway, metro bus, and funicular systems are used in megacities. 

Sea transportation is also the most preferred choice. Intercity railway also provides comfortable, economical, and easy travel for you. 

Discounts are applied for students, families of veterans, martyrs, and elders in public transportation in Turkey. 

The discount rate varies from city to city. Please apply to websites and IETT offices in many central places in Istanbul for detailed information about those discounts.


International students have no right to be employed in Turkey. The government brought forward new regulations for international students to be employed, and the government is now conducting studies on this issue. 

There are many opportunities for internships. Many big companies that are multicultural with both Turkish and foreign partners give opportunities to students for their periodic internships. 

As well as all those opportunities mentioned above, intern programs are applied in the public domain. Non-governmental organizations also support internship programs.


General Health Insurance has equal coverage for all international students issued by the government of the Turkish Republic. 

Students with General Health Insurance could receive service and medical treatment in private hospitals by paying a slight difference in price.


Embarking on an academic journey in Turkey is an enriching experience, and with your student visa knowledge now fortified, you’re all set.

Dive into your studies, embrace the culture, and let the Turkish chapters of your life unfold!

Academic Adventure!

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