Letters Of Invitation For Turkey Visa

Letters Of Invitation For Turkey Visa

Embarking on a journey to Turkey, the crossroads of civilizations, begins with a crucial step: obtaining a letter of invitation for your visa. Need help in writing an invitation letter? Worry Not! We’ve got your back!

This document is not just a formality; it’s a bridge that connects you to the vibrant bazaars, breathtaking landscapes, and rich history of Turkey. Whether for business or pleasure, let’s navigate the nuances of this essential process, ensuring your Turkish adventure starts on the right note.

Let’s dive in!


What Is An Invitation Letter For Visa Application?

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An Invitation Letter for a visa application is a letter that the applicant has to submit to the embassy or consulate where they are applying for a visitor visa.

This document is written by the applicant’s host and addressed to the applicant or the consular officer. It confirms that they will accommodate the applicant in their home for the whole stay in the country where the host lawfully resides.

What Are The Requirements To Write A Letter Of Invitation?

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The host must fulfil the following requirements for the letter of invitation to be valid:

  • Must be a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the country you plan on visiting
  • Must be your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or family member / relative
  • Must have a registered place (home, flat)
  • Must have enough room for the applicant

Every embassy in the world does not require a Letter of Invitation, but it is strongly recommended to submit one even if not required.

How To Write A Letter Of Invitation For Visa Application?

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To many, it might sound confusing, but writing a letter of invitation might be the easiest part of your visa application if you rightly understand what it serves. The letter has to be written by the guest and addressed either to you or to the consular officer. 

Some embassies have their invitation form; therefore, check about it when you get the checklist of visa-required documents. Your host must only fill the empty spaces with the correct information if they already have a form.

But even if they do not, we have listed some samples you can use below by replacing the information according to your case.

When writing an invitation letter, the writer must keep in mind that the letter must include some essential details about the host and the guest. 

The letter must contain the following information about the host:

  • Full Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Occupation
  • Type of home (owned/rented house / flat / room)
  • Host’s status in the host country (If the host resides in that country on a work visa, student visa, permanent resident, or citizen or any other legal status)
  • Signature

On the other side, the letter must also include the following information about the guest:

  • Full Name as shown on their International Passport
  • Date of birth
  • The person’s address and telephone number
  • Relationship between the host and the guest
  • The purpose of the trip (friendly visit, holiday, wedding, birthday party.)
  • The exact entry date and exit date

If the letter is addressed to the guest, make it sound informal. It is better if it sounds more personal and friendlier rather than formal so that the consular officer can better see the relationship between the host and the guest.

Letter Of Invitation Supporting Documents

As mentioned above, the Letter of Invitation is not required in many embassies. Therefore, the host is not obliged to send other documents alongside it. 

Still, even if the letter is a requirement or not, it would be very thoughtful if the applicant submitted any of the following documents alongside the Letter of Invitation:

  • A scanned copy of the host’s ID/passport
  • Evidence of means of subsistence (if the host will financially support the guest)
  • Proof of home / flat ownership or rental contract
  • An Itinerary of the places planned to visit together
  • If the host has taken days off from work to be with you during your period of stay in their country, then submit a document that proves that would be in your favor.

Where To Submit The Letter Of Invitation?

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The guest submits the letter to the embassy or consulate along with the visa document file. 

The host must scan it and send it to the guest, who will later submit it with the other supporting documents on their appointment at the embassy or consulate.

Invitation Letter For Turkey Visa

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Embassies worldwide often require travellers to submit various documents when applying for a visa. One such document is the Invitation Letter, which can be confusing for first-time visa applicants. 

Understanding the purpose of this letter, how to obtain it, and why it is needed can significantly simplify the application process.

Ordering A Customized Invitation Letter For Turkey Visa Application

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To receive a personalized Invitation Letter for your visa application, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Choose Your Package:Select either the Regular or Express package.
  • Complete The Applicable Fee Payment: Provide your details, including first Name, last Name, country of residence, email address, and credit card information, or use PayPal.
  • Fill Out The Invitation Letter Form: Provide accurate and honest information about yourself, your guest, and the entry and departure dates. Ensure you include the correct details of the embassy or consulate where you will submit the invitation letter.
  • Submit The Request: Once you have filled out the invitation letter form correctly, click on “complete.” We will receive your form and provide you with the initial draft of your letter.
  • Receive Your Invitation Letter: Within two to three days, depending on your chosen package, you will receive the completed invitation letter in PDF format via Email.
  • Print The Letter Of Invitation: After receiving the invitation letter, print it out, sign it, and send it to your guest. Your guest must present the invitation letter to the appropriate embassy or consulate.

Is A Letter Of Invitation Necessary For Your Visa Application?

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The purpose of a visa invitation letter is to ensure the host country that you will not stay there illegally after your visa has expired.

The writer must provide their contact address, confirming that you will be staying with them during your trip. This way, authorities can quickly locate you if you overstay.

The writer may also be required to state that they will be financially responsible for you during your time in their country.

Your contact acts as a sponsor for your visa application. They support your request to enter your destination while ensuring you have somewhere to stay and sufficient funds (if applicable).

Invitation Letter Sample

Immigration Officer

[Embassy Name]

[Embassy Address]

[Embassy Phone Number]

Subject: Invitation Letter for [Applicant’s Name] with Passport No.

Dear Sir/Madam, I, [host’s Name], am writing this letter on behalf of [applicant’s Name] to support their visa application to [country name].

I reside in [country name] as a citizen/permanent resident at [Address]. [Include information on the relationship between the host and the applicant][Applicant’s Name] will be visiting me from [enter date DD/MM/YY] to [exit date DD/MM/YY] for tourism purposes in [country name].

We plan to visit [tourist destinations/cities/places] during the specified dates to engage in numerous tourism activities such as [add booked tours/agenda/itinerary]. Furthermore, [applicant name] will be staying with me at [host’s Address] until their departure date to [applicant’s home country]. All expenses for the planned trip will be covered through [provide means of funding] by the [applicant name].

Should you need additional information or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

[host’s Signature]

[host’s Name]

[host’s Address]

[host’s Phone Number]

[host’s Email]

Tips For Writing A Letter For Visa Applications

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How to write a visa letter is one of many things you should know. Writing a cover letter can be effortless if you understand what information authorities are looking for. However, it may seem daunting if it’s your first time writing a visa letter to official embassy authorities. 

  • Include Essential Details: To increase the chances of a successful visa application, include essential information regarding your trip to the country. First, however, think of what authorities would want to know about. For example, authorities are not interested in the means of transportation you plan to use when visiting the country. However, they want to know what cities you plan to visit and if you have booked any accommodation within those cities.
  • Always Refer To Your Supporting Documents: The great thing about them is that you can refer to them within your cover letter. This proves the purpose of your trip and acts as additional information that you don’t need to include within your cover letter. For example, suppose you have a planned trip itinerary. In that case, you can mention a few activities within your cover letter and refer to the planned itinerary attached to your visa application. Should authorities want to know more about your plan, they will find more information in your complete itinerary.
  • Don’t Be Too Personal: Remember, you’re only trying to prove the purpose of your trip, not explain your ambition for travel. It’s acceptable to explain your relationship with a friend or family member you plan to visit. However, it’s not recommended to highlight how much you’ve missed them and how you can’t wait to see them because it’s been 10 years since you’ve had a coffee and discussed politics and love.
  • Avoid Including Unnecessary Details: Including essential travel details is important. Nonetheless, it would help if you refrain from including information that adds no value to your visa application. An excellent way to ensure that the information you’ve included is essential is to use your required documents as a reference. For example, adding that you plan to finance your trip using cash is essential. Yet, embassy authorities don’t want to know how much you plan to spend on transportation, food, clothes, and other expenses. Instead, they want to confirm that you have the financial means to support yourself for your trip.
  • Please Keep Your Letter Short And To The Point: I know I sound like a broken record, but including important information will help keep your letter short and to the point. As a result, authorities will have a much easier time reading through your visa letter, increasing your chances of a successful visa application.


With the final dot on your invitation letter and a deeper understanding of its significance, you’re now poised to explore Turkey’s wonders from the ancient ruins of Ephesus to the bustling streets of Istanbul.

This letter is more than just paperwork; it’s a prelude to the unforgettable experiences that await. Here’s to your journey into the heart of Turkey, where every traveler finds a piece of themselves.

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