How To Save Money In Greece

Once you enter your adult life, saving money is one thing that is most crucial and necessary. It is challenging for many people as most of us are used to spending all that we get. Saving requires you to take a step back and look at how you will categorize your spending. According to your lifestyle, every person has a different ratio of spending and savings out of their salary. 

This article will give tips and tricks to save money during daily activities. 


Tips And Tricks To Save Money

Choose A Fee-Free Bank Account And Credit Card

In today’s technologically advanced world, there are many options for you to choose from in terms of banks. Usually, most people opt for the closest old-school bank that they find easier to go to, but they overlook the added costs of these. Mobile banks like N26 can help you save up to 150 euros a year, which adds to your savings. Traditional banks only let go of these if you receive a certain amount of money in your account each month. 

Only Buy The Necessary Insurance

Living in Greece means that you must buy some insurance. Basic insurance is a must-have to live here, but other than that, you can opt-out of the particular insurance. The insurance companies will offer you many insurance and great packages when you get the simpler ones. It is up to you if you want them or not. In such a situation, can you afford to cover the costs if you face any damages or accidents from your pocket, or will it threaten your financial stability? 

You can spend on private liability insurance, while mobile insurance you can skip. 

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Choose Cycling As Your Primary Transportation

Greece has routes that are the best in the world in terms of cycling. With gorgeous views of sunsets and beaches from all the islands, you can enjoy your commute every day, whatever the time. Although the streets are smaller, you will still get to cycle without any hassle. Using cars or bikes will add to fuel costs as well. 

Choose Your Supermarkets Wisely

Like every other country, Greece also has a variety of supermarkets, whether organic, wholesale, or discount markets. When living here, one must know nearby markets that offer the best and most fresh grocery items. From organic to discount markets, you will know the best prices for different items. 

Save Money On Monthly Transportation With A Monthly Or Yearly Pass

If you are not much of a bicycle person, then there is also the option of motorbikes or public transport available in Greece. In Greece, they have buses for public transport. You can buy a longer-timed package/ card that will help reduce the cost of each trip, and you will help get discounts on your trips. If you are not a public transport regular, you get fewer discounts than if you travel daily. 

Some employers also provide a discounted public transport pass, so you should check for that. If you travel between cities, then there is a different card that helps save money. For a one-time fee, you can get reduced ticket prices. There are levels to this as well, according to how many trips you take each year. 

Change Electricity Provider And Car Insurance

 Whenever you buy or rent an apartment, you will get electricity, internet, and other utilities set here already. Signing an agreement means silently agreeing to a contract with their utility providers. However, you have the option to switch up the providers when you move in. They can offer you a better price, and you might save 100 – 200 euros. 

Same as electricity, you should also compare the costs of insurance packages for your vehicle. You can compare your current package with other ones available and choose the best price accordingly. 

Do A Tax Return Every Year

Being a regular employee without an additional side income means you don’t need to file a tax declaration. It would help if you calculated whether you could save on tax in Greece by handing in a tax return. On average, the tax return is around 1000 euros. There is tax return software that helps you calculate your taxes for free. Some software might charge you a small fee for calculating. 

Benefits From Free Things And Sharing Neighborhoods

Sharing has become more prevalent in Greece with time. There are neighborhood platforms where you can borrow, sell or buy things for your neighbors. You can also get to know more people through such platforms. There are many free book exchanges in every neighborhood which are great if you are an avid reader. Another option is to get a membership to your local

Choose Your Sports Options Aside From A Gym

With thousands of gyms in Greece with millions of members, it is one of the more popular choices here. However, depending on a gym’s scale and services, the monthly membership might cost you from 15 to 80 euros. If you want to weight train, then get a membership at a gym; otherwise, a sports club might suit you more. 

Sports clubs are also famous among fitness and sports enthusiasts. Millions of people have memberships here too. You can get monthly r yearly memberships at sports clubs as well. On average, it would cost you 6 euros per month which sounds like a great deal. You can stay active and fit and meet new people in Greece while saving money. 

Decide Whether You Want To Pay Church Tax

An employee in Greece who considers themselves religious or is a member of the church has to pay a small percentage of church tax per year. There are multiple ways to avoid paying this, and you can even look up the criteria for those who have to pay in detail to see if you are eligible. 

Benefit From Student And Employee Discounts

If you are a student in Greece, then you will find that there are student discounts offered almost everywhere. It would be best if you asked before you shop anywhere. The familiar places to get a discount are internet providers, mobile networks, transport, bank accounts, insurance, events, gyms, and more. Online portals might also help you take a look at what options you have. 

As an employee, you get employee benefits in the form of discounts as well. Many companies do not inform you about these benefits when you join, so you should ask them yourself. You often forget to check the personal portal where your reward points or discount is mentioned. Remember to check that the next time you want to get something. 


Hopefully, all these small tips and tricks will help you save up little by little every month, which will eventually add up to a more significant amount that you can then invest, spend or save for emergencies. It is always tough to save up, but these are very simple things you can turn into habits.