Freelancer Visa In Kuwait: The Ultimate Guide 

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What Is The Freelancer Visa In Kuwait?

With the advancing technology, the possibilities to earn revenue have also expanded. Freelancing is one such avenue where the majority of the population of any nation has not just started to earn sturdy incomes but have established their brands and businesses.

Especially after the post-COVID time, many people have shifted their sources of employment from a stringent 9-5 schedule to freelancing. 

Thus, like many other countries, Kuwait has also established freelancing visas to accommodate and facilitate the new shifting trends.

Kuwait has found a new visa known as the freelancer visa, the freelance permit, and the Self-employed visa. This visa allows one to legally work and reside in Kuwait alone when not a Kuwaiti national.

By accessing a freelancing visa, one would not need to be worried about reaching any outside sponsorships to get one’s visa approved. One can even sponsor their parents and children on a freelancer visa.

Not just freelancers but self-employed people can also apply for this visa. However, the process of applying for this visa can be pretty thorough. 

Independent people working as freelancers on online platforms and self-employed people like independent business owners apply for this visa. They are primarily experts in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digital marketing

Requirements For Applying For a Freelancer Visa in Kuwait

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To apply for a freelancer visa in Kuwait, one needs to fill out the visa application forms, show the required bank fund statements to show that one can support oneself, pay the fee for a freelancing visa, and follow the rules associated with this Kuwaiti visa. 

The following things need to be considered when applying for a freelancer visa in Kuwait:

Eligibility For Freelancer Kuwaiti Visa

First, one would need to determine if one is eligible for the freelancer visa in Kuwait. This visa mostly has the target audience for people having expertise or honed skills in the fields of:

  • Media
  • Information Technology
  • Arts
  • Marketing
  • Writing 
  • Self-independent Business

Different fields require one to submit verified documents related to the information in one’s job as it may ensure future job perspectives. It might be asked for one to submit documents verifying the previous projects one has completed. 

Other factors that determine one’s eligibility for one’s visa application to be accepted include the following:

  • Applicants may have a job offer or show authentic prospects of future jobs or associated projects.
  • Applicants must have good intentions behind traveling to Kuwait.
  • One must also have enough funds to financially support oneself and one’s dependents during the stay in Kuwait.
  • Applicants should also have a clean criminal track record. One may be asked to provide a Police Clearance Certificate to prove one’s integrity.
  • One may also fulfill all the health requirements set by Kuwaiti authorities.

Sponsorship For Freelancer Kuwaiti Visa

Most of the other visas in Kuwait, like Work visas, residence visas, and dependent visas, require one to have a sponsor. However, the freelancer visa allows the eligible applicants to sponsor themselves.

Getting more control over one’s sponsorship gives self-independent business owners and freelancers more flexibility in applying for one’s visa. It also excluded dependency on outside sources for sponsorship.

Essential Documentation For Freelancer Kuwaiti Visa

If one applies for any visa, one must provide documents authenticating their personal information and qualifications. Individuals applying for freelancer visas in Kuwait will also need to provide the following documents:

  • Original Passport with 2 copies
  • 2 Photographs with a blue or white color background
  • Original Visa Approved Application Form and paid fee receipt.
  • Air ticket (One way)
  • Medical Report
  • Experience certificates or patent registrations for business owners.
  • Original work agreements, work prospects, or business plans to be registered.
  • Clear Criminal Record
  • Applicants must submit all of these documents after the attestation from The Kuwait’s External Affairs Ministry.

One can apply for a freelancer visa after entering a Kuwait visa entry visa or a freelancer visa directly from one’s own country after an individual has undergone the whole process of visa approval and reaching Kuwait. 

One must submit the following documents to register their residence and for security clearance purposes after entering Kuwait.

  • There are primarily 4 fingerprint registration companies operating in Kuwait, so one would need to register one’s fingerprints through either of the official companies.
  • One would also need to submit the original medical report with a copy.
  • Original visa with a copy will also need to be presented with the original Passport and its copy.
  • Copy as well as the original insurance receipt
  • 4 photographs.

Cost of A Kuwait Freelancer Visa

The cost of a freelancer visa and self-independent visa may range from 35KD to 1000KD, depending on the type or conditions one has applied for. 

The following table also mentions the cost of Kuwait’s visa pertaining to one’s entry and stay in Kuwait:

Entry VisaDuration Of StayValidityFees (Kuwaiti Dinar)
Single entry30 days6 months45.32 KD
Single entry30 days3 months37.44 KD
Single entry30 days3 months112.32 KD

Validity And Renewal 

When one applies for a freelancer visa in Kuwait, the validity extends from 90 to 180 days. First, one may need to apply for an e-visa for entry into Kuwait.

Kuwait e-visa can be obtained from the official Kuwait immigration portal. It allows one to enter Kuwait for a single time and to stay in Kuwait for up to 30 days

The e-visa is valid for 90 days and costs around 3 KD per applicant, along with the service fee of 1 KD.

Work Permissions

People with freelancer visas in Kuwait can legally take on any projects under their field of expertise issued by any employer. It also provides a legal safety net to establish a self-independent business.

Thus, one will not have any restriction on working hours or of showing any sponsorships.


The freelancer visa for Kuwait includes some details associated with residency. It allows one to reside in Kuwait while working on freelance projects.

Legal Obligations

Freelancers who have acquired a freelancer visa in Kuwait are also legally bound to pay taxes in Kuwait according to their income. 

How To Apply For A Freelancer Visa In Kuwait?

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As mentioned above, freelancer visa applicants in Kuwait do not need any employee sponsorship or letter of employment to get a Kuwait freelancer visa. The applicants can sponsor themselves for this type of visa.

One may apply for a freelancer visa in Kuwait or from one’s home country. Here is a step-by-step guide on the application process for applying for the Kuwait freelancer visa:

Step 1 

First, one needs to determine if one is eligible for a freelancer visa in Kuwait and also see the requirements for applying for this visa. The requirements and eligibility criteria may differ depending on the individual’s nationality.

For example, people from the Gulf countries have less stringent requirements than others.

Step 2 

Next, the applicant has to download the visa forms directly from the portal, start filling it, and prepare the required documents to attach. One can also directly apply for an e-visa (entry visa) and then apply for a freelancer visa in Kuwait.

Step 3 

One needs to gather the required documents. One’s original and valid Passport and a few copies need to be collected with a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the General Administration of Criminal Investigation at the Ministry of Interior.

Step 4 

After submitting the applicant form with all the required documents, one may need to wait 2-4 weeks for the application to be processed.

If the visa application has been approved, one may collect it from the Kuwaiti Embassy or Consulate after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait has delivered a copy of the visa to the Kuwaiti Embassy in the applicant’s home country.

Step 5 

Suppose the visa application has been accepted. One may apply for an entry visa for Kuwait. Then, one can travel to Kuwait as a freelancer or self-employed individual. 

Reasons For Rejection Of The Freelancer Visa In Kuwait?

As the process of visa applications is quite detailed and thorough in Kuwait, one needs to be extremely careful about not getting one’s visa applications rejected

There can be various reasons that may lead to the rejection of one’s visa application. The most ensuing reasons that can lead to Kuwait work visa denial have been given below:

  • One may choose the wrong visa application form. So, one needs to be sure that one has chosen the suitable application form.
  • There might be inconsistencies or errors in the information one has provided in the application form. All the information, whether personal or about finances, needs to be consistent and valid.
  • The applicants may also fail to meet the Kuwaiti immigration requirements, so one needs to be cautious when it comes to initial planning for the visa application.
  • If a person has been prosecuted for any criminal offense, that might also lead to rejecting one’s visa application. One must ensure that one has no criminal records and is upright.
  • Submission of any false documents may lead to criminal proceedings in the future.
  • The damaged Passport of the applicant might also lead to visa denial.
  • Also, passports must have a minimum validity of 6 months or equal to the duration of one’s stay for the application to be accepted.

How To Be Self-Employed After Getting Freelancer Visa In Kuwait?

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After one has received the approved freelancer visa, one can either work as a freelancer or even establish a business as a self-employed individual. 

However, becoming self-employed in Kuwait can be a complex process as a foreigner, as there are specific requirements one needs to adhere to after gaining a freelancer visa in Kuwait.

Some general guidelines one may follow to obtain self-employment in Kuwait have been given below:

Research Business Idea

The first step will be to research the market in Kuwait and analyze the business trends. One can then identify profitable and sustainable business opportunities. 

Consider the demand for one’s product or service and the competition. The business can only survive when one has a particular niche to accommodate, for the business.

Follow Legal Framework 

In Kuwait, one can find one’s own company and have sole ownership. One can also have a Kuwaiti partner, where one must have at least 51% ownership.

As a self-employed individual in Kuwait, one must also pay taxes on one’s income earned. One has to register with the Kuwaiti tax authorities, get the tax identification number, and file for regular tax returns.

Registration Of Business Name 

Registering an exclusive name for one’s business is essential. One needs to register it with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. One may verify the availability of the name beforehand.

Obtain A Commercial License: 

One will also need to rent or lease a fitting accommodation that can work as office space to conduct business operations. It needs to comply with the legal technicalities of Kuwait’s requirements for establishing a self-employed business on a freelancer visa.

Once one has secured a residence, one must get a commercial license to register one’s business from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce and Industry. 

This license will allow one to operate a viable setup in Kuwait legally.

Open A Bank Account: 

One will need a bank account in Kuwait to conduct business transactions. Some banks may require additional documentation or information from foreign residents working as self-employed on a freelancer visa in Kuwait.

Capital Requirements

To be self-employed, one must have sufficient funds and capital to start a business. The capital needed may vary depending on the nature of one’s business.

Comply With Regulations: 

One needs to adhere to different regulations to be a self-employed individual in Kuwait. It may pertain to obtaining different permits, complying with legal and zoning laws, and monitoring all other regulations related to the specific business.


Now that you’re equipped with the essentials of the freelancer visa in Kuwait, the desert horizon beckons your ambition. Embrace the opportunities, and may your freelance adventure in Kuwait be as smooth as the desert sands!

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