Best Electricity Providers In Greece

When you move to Greece, you will have a lot of things on your checklist that will need urgent attention. Electricity is one of those. If you have moved to a place with an electricity connection, you might still want to check out their rates and compare them with others for a cheaper provider. The article has all the details you need to find the best electricity provider in Greece. 

Of course, at the start, this won’t be one of the more critical issues at hand as you will not have to go through the hassle of approval for your electricity connection. After you have settled in, you can take a look at other options. 


How Do I Choose An Electricity Provider In Greece? 

If you live in a shared flat, you already have an electricity provider. Otherwise, you will have to look for one. The Public Power Corporation of Greece (PPC) provides most of the electricity in the country. It operates 34 thermal and hydraulic power plants and has around 60 independent powerhouses. With hundreds of electricity providers in Greece, you have a lot of choices in terms of what you want to opt for. 

Elpedison is another electricity provider that has become a common name in Greece. They offer all sorts of renewable energy packages that are not too heavy on the pocket. They also have their website in English, which makes it much more convenient to navigate for all the ex-pats. They also have an app you can download and look through for the best packages that suit you. 

When paying for any of their plans, they offer a 50 euro gift card and 50% off on the daytime charges. This ends up being a great offer. Their plans include Elpedison Sinepia, Electricity Home, Electricity Home Protect, and Drive Green Electricity for cars. Elpedison Green is a renewable energy provider and a brand of this company. Produced from renewable energy sources, whoever opts for this gets a certificate, making them a part of energy saving. This strengthens their corporate social responsibility. 

If this does not suit you, you can compare the rates for other providers with a tool and find the best option for your home. Even if you don’t change your provider from what you are using currently, it is recommended to switch providers yearly as they tend to increase prices with time. The benefits of switching will probably last for the first year only, which will help you reduce costs. 

Electricity Providers In Greece 

  • Expedition
  • Heron
  • Public Power Corporation
  • Terna SA
  • Protein

Renewable Energy Providers In Greece 

  • Elpedison Green
  • Enel
  • VSB
  • Terna Energy
  • Green

Steps To Change Your Electricity Provider In Greece 

Before you think of switching, do check carefully that the next provider offers you better rates in the long run. 

  1. Check your outstanding payments – before switching, you should check the minimum period your contract is valid for so that you don’t have to pay any penalties. You should clear all outstanding payments.
  2. Send your new supply a switchover request – you can ask your current provider for termination, or the new provider can do that on your behalf. 
  3. Your new supplier will send in a network operator – after your switchover confirmation, within 15 days, you will have an operator coming in to set things up. 

You should study the contract in detail before signing it. The new contract starts the day before the new switchover takes place, not from the day the contract is signed. 

How To Pay Your Electricity Bill In Greece? 

Many electricity providers get your bank account details and automatically charge monthly bills. The ones who don’t do so have other payment methods you can opt for. These include: 

  • Payment at DEH offices
  • Standing orders
  • Through ATMs
  • E-banking services via the Internet
  • Post offices
  • Authorized pay stations

If you plan on switching electricity providers, you should do so before the first bill drops. You will get it eventually, but it might as well be several hundred euros. If your month’s estimate is lower, you will get a refund at the year-end. You will get an invoice for the rest of the payment if it is higher. If you move places or switch providers, inform them, or you might still get charged. 

How Much Does 1 KWH Cost In Greece? 

As of March 2022, electricity prices were at $0.187 per KWh for households and $0.117 for businesses. It is below the EU average at the same time. 


Electricity is not cheap in Europe, but one can save a lot of money if one spends it wisely. You can save hundreds of euros if you compare the rates of different available providers. It might take some time to get used to the rates here, but you will find the best provider in no time.